Our ancient practices and techniques have been kept along the centuries…although our designs have evolved, and, we have gathered together traditional patterns, materials and some enthralling handcraft adaptations of the best quality.

Unique pieces have been woven by Zenu, Wounaan, and Wayuu into bags, hats, accessories, and baskets. Masks are detailed-carved by Kamentsa to left the beauty of art shining. 

Collection 2020

by hand is always glittering

This collection suits for those who love to stack, mix and match their accessories and carry on a little colour to spice up life.  

"I have LOVED and worn these beautiful Colombian bracelets"

Dear Magno....Thank you so much for your wonderful note to Susan Walker. I have LOVED and worn these beautiful Colombian bracelets.....without the words.....ever since I found you at the Folk Art Market, and I have given many, many as gifts. And now I give them with special words, and still wear all of the different ones you make....black, red, beige, etc.....all the time. They are so special and beautiful and I am hoping to see you at this year's Folk Art Market to say Thankyou in person! My best wishes to you and your exceptional artists, Ali MacGraw.

Ali MacGraw


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