Go Beyond

If your purpose aims to approach some of the best quality Master Artisans in our country, come to visit them on the field. Their work is based on roots to preserve traditions and support sustainable projects at the inner of indigenous communities.

Long lasting relationships have been built by our CEO Magno Caterino with these communities. It started 35 years ago and goes on and on. As result, there is a positive impact in these indigenous communities. Nothing could make us happier than the reward of being a link to help them reaching their goals of growth which seem to be aligned with yours.

We have organized in the last couple of years, expeditions to meet our indigenous tribes, all around Colombian Territory, some of our destinations require specific knowledge of the region and a strong relation with the communities, some of them are located in difficult access areas and some arrangements must be made in advance. We can customized a trip to the following amazing destinations and security will be granted to make this an unforgettable experience.

Customized your trip

Pacific Region

Wounaan weavers of basketry and accessories.

Atlantic Region

Wayuu weavers of bags and mochilas in la Guajira, Arhuaco and kankuamo weavers in la Sierrra Nevada de Santa Marta. Zenu weavers of hats, bags, accessories in Cordoba.

Southern Colombia

In Putumayo where Kamsa and Kamentsa master artisans carve patiently their wooden masks.

The Andean

The best Ceramic Artisans and weavers in this region are from Raquira and Villa de Leiva.

Zenu folk

Wounaan folk

Customized your trip