Restaurant design

This project supports 5 different communities Zenu, Wounann, Wayuu, Arhuaco, Kamentsa, where projects are taken place to guarantee a fair wage paid to artisans and all those involve in the supply chain, There is more than 180 people from Zenu’s involved in the supply chain and production stage, as well as about 5 families from the other tribes around the country.

FOLK Art market

We work together to access international markets, as a result of this partnership, Designs and processes are improved, along the strategies to develop new ideas and innovate with designs well rooted in their past but looking forward remaining in the future.

Corporate locations

Agreements have been signed in order to grant Finatur Design special permissions to act in behalf communities with official documents. This guarantees and states for fair trade between artisans and buyers.

FOLK Art market

Wheater you are looking to source, purchase, or design wooden decorative objects, traditional Wounan baskets, Wayuu Mochilas, Zenu’s Caña Flecha accessories and/or home décor find with us a new excitement way to approach


Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.

Magno Caterino


reinel Mendoza

Master Artisan Zenu

Miller Sthewar

International Markets Leader

Plinio Opua

Master Artisan Wounaan

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