Customer Orders

There is a charge between 10-15% over the total bill statement, shipping is included with all necessary logistics, a minimum amount per order is required and it is USD 1,000.

If samples are need or if a new product development is requested there is a charge for intermediation based on the invoice order of that product.

No samples are free and they have a retail full price. There is a minimum purchase in case of new designs or innovations and it is USD 1,000.

US buyers have a huge advantage when buying in our country because there is a bilateral Free Trade Agreement which allows products with a Certificate of Origin to be free of taxes and minimum customs

Clearance: we can send boxes of 20 kilos via DHL courier to New York or Dallas in 3 days door to door. Colombia its good prices and unique traditional designs should be taken as one of the best business opportunities for nowadays investors, entrepreneurs, sales agents, traders and all those interested in this kind of handcrafts.

We have a corporate agreement with DHL and special discounts on international services.