Traditional Artistic Heritage

Our settlement is located within the Kankuamo indigenous reservation, on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, in the Department of Cesar -Colombia. For more than 35 years we have carry out this traditional and artistic heritage, actually 60 people make their living through this sustainable project and occasionally more families can get involved if it is required. We have all learned our skills from our parents as they did from theirs.


*Fique is natural dyed, Sheep wool, seeds, and Wood are used as well *Fique is a natural fiber that grows in the leaves of the fique plant, “Furcraea andina”, a xerophytic monocot native to Andean regions of Colombia

Techniques / Processes

Through Specialized techniques, bags and mochilas are hand weaving and an eye needle is used, traditional Kankuamo fabric.

Common Use

Our cooperative is named “Artesanías de la Sierra.”
We can deliver 200 mochilas in 40 days, and we can increase this number upon request.

Artist Story