Finatur Design has been working hand in hand with different indigenous communities and folk artisans throughout Colombia for over 20 years. By providing product development support along with marketing plans and strategies to these indigenous communities, Finatur helps to bring these traditional crafts to international markets. “Our goal extends beyond just yielding revenue: through our work, we make an impact on culture and improve the livelihoods of the families in the communities we work with,” says Magno Caterino, Finatur’s founder, and director.

Through the creation of its continuing collections, Finatur is focused on the singular goal of providing a means for creating sustainable income for these artisans and their communities. This goal is achieved by working to preserve traditional artistic expression — making it profitable through both social and economic projects.

Our Goals

We are continually searching for international opportunities to access new markets to form partnerships with companies interested in wholesale opportunities.

Agreements have been signed in order to grant Finatur Designs special permissions, to act on their behalf as representatives with official documents. We work back to back with artisans and social leaders in different regions in Colombia, South America.


Where are we



Colombia is an astounding land full of history, traditions, cultural and tourism richness along with the kindness of its people and hospitality.

These facts are captivating international travelers and investors` interest. Colombia has become recently a spotlight destination, It is growing as an emerging economy.

Located in the North West of the Continent in South America with an strategic geographic position with two coasts on the Pacific and Atlantic ocean, three ranges of the Andean mountains running from the south to the north of the Country, its boundaries with Brazil, Venezuela and Peru in the Amazonian Forest and vast plains (western llanos), to the south with Ecuador, along with many jungles. This multiplicity of weather`s conditions in regions that can be ranged above sea level and up to 5.000 (m.a.s.l). It Provides unique natural resources as well as great variety of raw materials.

Our artisans have a good sense of art along with talented people to develop it owners of a heritage that goes back to indigenous roots, African and European migrations making this racial mixture an important influence in traditions in such a singular way.

We believe that trading with traditional products that come directly from the communities is the safest source. Talking directly to them, attending trade shows where the different specialties or abilities meet and finding among them the master artisans.

Preserving Traditions

By working with Finatur Design, artisans are afforded the opportunity to continue the traditional work that has been part of their families and communities for many generations, as opposed to being forced to work in occupations which do not honor their traditional knowledge. Finatur is focused on the goal of preserving ancient techniques and cultural patterns which are reflected in these traditional folk arts.

Our success in this area is built on 30 years of nurturing these personal and business relationships, and we are proud to see how our efforts continue to bring growth to these communities through our accomplishments.

Some of those communities actually represented are:

• Wayuu from Guajira.
• Ahuaco and Kamkuamo from Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.
• Pueblo Zenu in Cordoba and Sucre.
• Kamsa / Kamentsa Biya in Putumayo.
• Wounaan located between Choco and Valle del Cauca on the low San Juan river`s shore.
• Pottery from Raquira Boyaca.
• Suaty traditional musical instruments from the Andean region.
• Natural protected reserve “Quinini” Tibacuy Cundinamarca.


Our Team

Magno Caterino

Magno Caterino


Recently awarded with a recognition from the International Art Folk Alliance IFAA where he has been chosen among many contestants around the world as an innovative designer. This achievement was reached with Zenu´s designs unique full of luxury and contemporary designs that combine traditions and new fashion trends. Magno Caterino has built a long relationship with indigenous and folk artisans, for the last 30 years, he has been providing his knowledge to preserve traditions and promote them abroad Colombia. He studied in Sweden, focused on Logistics and contract laws, Project Management, Marketing and Business Economics along with Design courses that were taken in Sweden and Colombia, all of these facts togheter have become key turning on favor for folk artesans and communities.

Reinel Mendoza

Reinel Mendoza

Zenu's Leader

Reinel Mendoza has been pre-selected and nominated for the Craft´s Master award 2016 by Artesanías de Colombia the most important institution regarding folk art in Colombia. He is considered among the sixteen best artisans in our country. Well known in his village for being always searching to preserve our traditions has kept alive a cultural heritage through his job.

Miller Sthewar

Miller Sthewar

Public Relations & International markets leader

Miller Sthewar Guzman is in charge of international relations, He contributes with his English skills, writing texts and filling some of the application forms needed to participate in international fairs, he has been also helping with photo and video shooting. His passion for ancient cultures and traditions match Finatur Design`s interests. He quotes "we are what we do and we do what we are". He actually performs as an English teacher and project manager.

Plinio Opua

Plinio Opua

Master Artisan

Plinio Opua is a leader from Wounann indigenous, his community has suffered forced displacement due to the armed actors of the conflict, guerrillas and drug dealers that operate outside the law in their territory. Our artisans and masters are now working along with Finatur Design. We have created a project where more and more families are involved in making accessories and jewelry, we have overcome our expectations and this coming 2018 we will be showing our collections at Dallas and Arlington Texas.

Work With Us


We also offer the opportunity to work with us. We are looking for agents, representatives, vendors, etc. in USA, Europe, and Asia. We look for organization or companies (Museums, Ethnicity shops, multicultural fairs, and markets) that invite us to exhibit this traditional folk art.

Contact us today if you picture any way we can work together we are open to suggestions and proposals.


Our Volunteer project allows visitors to experience communities from the inside in an intercultural exchange that will certainly change their lives in a positive way.

There are social projects some of them focus on bilingual communicative skills where people form all around the world come to live a real life experience in one of our regions sharing daily basic tasks with indigenous and artisan masters , teaching and learning our volunteers enjoy their staying and always want to come back.

Volunteers can help us in our campaigns and special projects with low resources shelters as well.

Smart Tourism

But if it is about smart tourism we can make all necessary arrangements if you want to visit our beautiful and unforgettable regions and communities. We work sustainable tourism in a safety and granted way.

We are proud members of

Oneworld Projects